Mega Pool

Mega Pool is building infrastructure of next generation of blockchain.

We believe blockchain and associated technologies will change the landscape of our society. Digital assets will allow world’s top intellectuals to contribute to countless breakthroughs in value creation, value transfer and applications in the digital and real world. Therefore, we invest heavily in infrastructure to support the backbone of blockchain.


Mining Pool

We build the state of art, enterprise-grade mining pool. We serve both private mining investors and public miners by providing a highly stable, low latency and transparent pool.

Staking Pool

We provide pools to support and improve the governance.

ASIC Management

We provide an ASIC management platform to configure, monitor, and manage any scales of mining devices.

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No Registration

Anonymity is of essence to our community. Enjoy hashing by staying anonymous worry-free with our pools.

Advance Monitoring

Configure, monitor and manage your mining devices through our powerful dashboard. All will be at your fingertips.

Transparent Operations

Get paid what you invest. No cheating, no hidden fees. You will see the entire process from setting up your mining rigs, first power on, and streams of your hash power.

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